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Change Log

Version 3.511

  1. BUG FIX: Replacement frequency was not being respected when using Cloud Thesaurus.

Version 3.51

  1. BUG FIX: Protected terms were not being protected when using Cloud Thesaurus.
  2. Other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.5

  1. MAJOR ADDITION: New sentence rewriting functionality. Right-click in the document window and choose "Rewrite Sentences". Sentence rewriting is also now an option when you Auto-Select synonyms.
  2. 2ND MAJOR ADDITION: New Cloud Thesaurus option when using Auto-Select synonyms. The Cloud Thesaurus is hosted on The Best Spinner servers an offers an unrivaled top-quality thesaurus. Give it a try -- we think you'll be blown away.
  3. Both of these additions are available for the English language only.

    Please visit the link below for instructions and details on these new features:

    CLICK HERE for details on v3.5 new features

Version 3.421

  1. BUG FIX: Fixed an issue causing some synonyms not to be added to My Favorites when importing favorites from a plain-text file.

Version 3.42

  1. DATA MERGE: You can now spin multiple articles for each record in your data merge CSV file.

Version 3.416

  1. BUG FIX: When replacing favorites, phrases were not always replaced first, which would cause individual words to get replaced rather than full phrases even if you had a favorite for the phrase. For instance, if you had three favorites ("get", "started" and "get started"), the phrase "get started" would get replaced as {get|syn1|syn2} {started|syn1|syn2} rather than {get started|syn1|syn2}. This would happen if you had created the favorites for "get" and "started" before the one for "get started."

Version 3.415

  1. UPDATE: Google modified their search results. Adjusted TBS Check algo to match.

Version 3.414

  1. BUG FIX: When you removed a tem from the synonyms list of a custom thesaurus, it would immediately parse the standard English thesaurus and load it.

Version 3.413

  1. BUG FIX: Adding synonyms would sometimes cause an exception to be thrown using the new thesaurus setup.

Version 3.412

  1. ADDED: Check-box in Super Spinner to indicate whether you want in-line spell-checking or synonym selection on the right-click menu.

Version 3.411

  1. ADDED: German, French and Spanish thesauri. There are important details regarding the way these thesauri work that you should read:

    Click here for important details regarding these new thesauri.

  2. ADDED: Spell-As-You-Type automatic spell-checking for Super Spinner paragraphs and sentences.

Version 3.4

  1. ADDED: Support for custom Thesauri. There's a new tab, Thesaurus, where you can choose from a list of TBS (system) thesauri and your own custom thesauri. Foreign language thesauri can be created and used with this new feature.
  2. BUG FIX: Saving favorites was sometimes slow due to the size of the favorites database. Updated the code to improve performance.

Version 3.3

  1. ADDED: The Super Spinner, which makes it incredibly easy to spin paragraphs and sentences to create "Super Spun" documents. The icon for this new mini-application has been added onto the new Super Spinner tab of the TBS3 menu.

    Watch the demo video at this thread on the forum:

    Click here to go to the TBS3.3 release thread to watch the video.

Version 3.22

  1. Added a HUGE amount of content to the Content Generator. More than 50 categories of content now available! Go to the Publish tab and choose Content Generator to give it a try.

Version 3.2

  1. ADDED: "Check Grammar" button on "Spun Article" tab, as well as "Grammar" tab next to the "Encode" tab. You can use this new feature to check for grammar errors in the spun versions of your articles. Watch the tutorial video for more information:

    Click here for the tutorial.

Version 3.12

  1. ADDED: "Encode" tab (next to Flat Spin). This generates a randomly encoded version of the spun document that will pass Copyscape pretty much every time.

Version 3.11

  1. Restored the ability to use the up/down arrow keys to select synonyms when in Word/Phrase selection mode.

Version 3.1

  1. ADDED: New "Content Generator" on the Publish tab. This new tool randomly selects Private Label Rights (PLR) tips on the topics and keywords you choose and inserts them into your article. They are PLR, so you can use them as-is, or rewrite them, or spin them, or use them in any way you see fit.

    This new feature is powered by ArticleBuilder.net, which offers a larger category selection and full articles (with titles and introduction and conclusion paragraphs).

Version 3.037

  1. UPDATE: Changed link in the Help and Support tab for the forum to the TBS3 forum.

Version 3.036

  1. UPDATE: Updated Video Tutorials button on Help and Support tab to point to the new TBS3 videos.

Version 3.035

  1. BUG FIX: Sometimes spell check wouldn't mark a file as unsaved.
  2. BUG FIX: Right-clicking to Protect a word or phrase did not immediately recode the document, so if you immediately ran a replacement function (such as Favorites) it would not protect the term.

Version 3.034

  1. BUG FIX: The Uniqueness form didn't always show the same percentage as the Generate and Compare grid when you clicked on a cell.
  2. BUG FIX: Auto-Selecting synonyms did not respect protected terms inside of tags.

Version 3.033

  1. BUG FIX: Undo did not function properly after using the Replace All button in the synonyms window.

Version 3.032

  1. BUG FIX: When multiple lines were selected, the right-click menu of the article attempted to show "Protect '[the lines of text]'", which caused the context menu to be very large and unmanagable.
  2. BUG FIX: Error thrown when spell-checking all articles in a project folder.
  3. BUG FIX: After spell-checking a document, the document was not marked as Changed so modifications weren't saved if you attempted to save the file right after the spell-check.

Version 3.031

  1. CHANGE: Mouse Scroll Wheel now scrolls synonyms list instead of the article when synonyms are being selected.
  2. BUG FIX: Deleting first character in a document threw an exception.

Version 3.03

  1. BUG FIX: Hyperlink Manager was not saving additions properly.

Version 3.029

  1. BUG FIX: After double-clicking a word/phrase and making synonym selections inside spintax, clicking on another synonym in the same spintax caused the outer brackets to disappear.
  2. BUG FIX: When backspacing over the space past a closing bracket, the cursor would jump over the bracket instead of deleting the space.

Version 3.028

  1. BUG FIX: Up/Down arrows would not select text properly when using the Word/Phrase synonym selection tool.
  2. BUG FIX: When opening a document while on any spin tool but Word/Phrase, the selected spin tool would not work until you selected Word/Phrase first and then went back to the other tool.

Version 3.027

  1. BUG FIX: Switched to UTF8 character encoding to support foreign characters and accents.

Version 3.026

  1. BUG FIX: Exception sometimes thrown when blank lines highlighted.
  2. BUG FIX: Overlapping protected terms prevented protection from working sometimes.

Version 3.025

  1. BUG FIX: Nested Spin wasn't replacing the text properly in some instances.

Version 3.024

  1. BUG FIX: Replace All was not replacing terms inside spin-formatted text.
  2. BUG FIX: In Generate and Compare, spins were not pulling randomly from last item in synonym list.

Version 3.023

  1. BUG FIX: Tab key did not always move to next word / sentence / paragraph.
  2. BUG FIX: Trying to select blank lines to delete would throw an exception.
  3. BUG FIX: Bulk Auto Rewrite wasn't writing the files properly.

Version 3.022

  1. BUG FIX: Issue that caused some users' synonyms database not to load after closing and reopening the application.

Version 3.021

  1. BUG FIX: When using TBS Check, results were limited to only Google US. Now international results are also checked for duplicate content.

Version 3.02

  1. OVERHAULED TBS CHECK: If you were having issues with the new Copyscape alternative (TBS Check) returning "Operation Time Out" errors, or just hanging, try it now -- it's much improved!
  2. BUG FIX: When selecting a matching duplicate after using TBS Check, an error was thrown.

Version 3.019

  1. ADDED: Built-in duplicate content checking (TBS Check buttons on Spun Article and Duplicate Content [previously Copyscape] tabs).
  2. ADDED: Auto-Rewrite option to Bulk Spin.
  3. BUG FIX: Moved downloading of new synonyms database to a separate form to prevent exception being thrown while pasting during the download.
  4. BUG FIX: After previous update TBS would ask you to update the synonyms database each time you loaded the application.
  5. BUG FIX: In some instances matching phrases starting at the beginning of a paragraph were not highlighted by the Compare Articles tool.
  6. BUG FIX: Escape key now escapes out of the Bulk Spin spin-type selection form.
  7. BUG FIX: When tabbing through sentences, the Easy Spin tool was not updating to reflect the current selection.

Version 3.016

  1. CHANGE: Moved local data and settings storage to a new location to resolve issue with some users being unable to identify synonyms after closing and reopening TBS.

Version 3.015

  1. ADDED: Bulk Add / Delete Protected Terms.

Version 3.014

  1. BUG FIX: After deleting a category of Protected Terms, if that category had previously been the selected one, an error would get thrown.
  2. BUG FIX: Protected Terms just before or after {, | or } characters were not protected properly.

Version 3.013

  1. ADDED: Buttons on the Compare Articles form to copy the article content (with or without the highlighting).
  2. BUG FIX: When comparing two articles, the spaces following the matching phrases were also highlighted.

Version 3.012

  1. BUG FIX: Article comparison function was missing some matching text sometimes.

Version 3.011

  1. BUG FIX: If you selected a partial block of spintax (a block without matching brackets) and hit Delete or Backspace, it would only delete one character instead of the selected text.

Version 3.01

  1. ADDED: Additional debug capturing code.

Version 3.009

  1. BUG FIX: If a single capitalized word was selected, all words of phrase synonyms shown would be capitalized.

Version 3.008

  1. BUG FIX: If selected spintax contained variations of the original word (e.g. {Modern|Contemporary|MODERN day} (emphasis added)) and you clicked "Replace All", it would also replace the "Modern" within the synonym of the selected spintax.

Version 3.007

  1. BUG FIX: After clicking Generate Articles, sometimes an exception would be thrown when downloading the resulting ZIP file.

Version 3.006

  1. Another attempt to solve the issue where TBS sometimes locks up when exiting.
  2. BUG FIX: When bulk spinning files the encoding was set wrong and would cause the app to freeze if extended characters were used in the files.

Version 3.005

  1. ADDED: Right-Click menu item "Save Spin(s) As Favorites." This new function will save all spins in the selected text (or in the entire article if no text is selected) into your Favorites as individual entries. Very handy for creating a large number of favorites fast from pre-spun articles, or creating all of your favorites after spinning an article instead of one at a time.
  2. ADDED: You can now add a new Favorites Category from the pop-up selection form, rather than having to create the new category in Manage My Favorites.
  3. ADDED: Up/Down arrows + Spacebar now selects words/phrases from the synonyms list.
  4. UPDATE: You can now save nested spins as favorites.

Version 3.004

  1. ADDED: Copyscape Check button on Spun Article tab.

Version 3.003

  1. ADDED: TBS now remembers the state of all docked windows, and their positions, between application launches.
  2. ADDED: Change Log now displayed after an update.
  3. BUG FIX: Phrases were automatically capitalized when adding in the Words/Phrases spin tool.
  4. BUG FIX: Anchoring of buttons on the Protected Terms input form was wrong.

Version 3.002

  1. ADDED: Change Log tool on the Help and Support tab.
  2. CHANGE: Changed location of export configuration file.
  3. BUG FIX: If you saved while on the EasySpin tab, the changes you made in the EasySpin tab were not reflected.

Version 3.001

  1. BUG FIX: TBS would sometimes hang on exit.
  2. BUG FIX: Clicking the New Article icon if you had a blank document open would not add another one.
  3. BUG FIX: Right-clicking in document when there were no protected terms categories caused an error.
  4. BUG FIX: Buttons on Data Merge tab were not properly anchored.

Version 3

  1. First beta release version of 3.0.

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